Augen Optics

Augen Optics is a Mexican company with more than 20 years of experience in the optical industry.  Committed to applying advanced technology to new products, Augen Optics has become a leader in the research, development, design and manufacture of high quality eyeglass lenses and optical products.

Founded in 1986 by physicist Dr. Marco Antonio Machado, Augen Optics was initially established as Augen Laboratories in response to a growing demand in Mexico for high-quality processing of spectacle lenses. 

The company has since evolved to become a serious global competitor in lens design and manufacturing, inventing and patenting our own technology and delivering superior products to the optical market worldwide. 

Augen Laboratories

Augen Laboratories is the predominant chain of optical laboratories in Mexico due to our capacity to process large volumes of prescription lenses with precision workmanship.

The Augen laboratory network is the most technologically advanced in Mexico, with sophisticated machinery developed by our own engineering team or acquired from leading companies in the optical industry.  The Augen lab network is also the most efficient in Mexico, processing more than 60,000 prescriptions per month for eye care practitioners.

As the only lens manufacturer in Mexico, Augen is unique in providing a fully vertically integrated service in the Mexico market, from lens research and design, to consumer delivery through our laboratory network. 

Augen Products

Augen competes on a worldwide scale in the design and manufacture of eyeglass lenses and optical products and is considered a serious participant in the global optical market.

Now we are introducing our Centurion™ Series a line of lenses specifically designed to provide a wider field of vision all around the lens archieving the optical performance that is really needed by final consumers.

Augen Optics has its headquarters in Ensenada B.C., Mexico, in a modern facility designed by a leading Mexican architect, Alberto Kalach. From here we oversee our lens design and manufacturing operation and provide support to the Augen Laboratories network throughout the Mexican Republic. 

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