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Build Your Business With Augen

Augen Optics is here for you, the independent lab.  We design and manufacture a wide range of high quality lenses to give you an opportunity to differentiate your business with premium products at a reasonable price.

Of course, there are numerous lens products to choose from in today’s market – so why choose Augen? 

Because we’re small enough to be flexible in meeting your needs.  Because we’re driven by a commitment to invention so you’ll get the latest in ophthalmic advances. 

But perhaps most important – because we’re committed to developing a straightforward conversation about what we offer and how we can help your business thrive.

Let’s get the conversation started.  Call us today to talk to an Augen Representative in your area.

Succeed With High Definition Designs

At Augen, all of our lens products are produced using a proprietary free form manufacturing process, so you can be assured of delivering precision-cut High Definition lenses with the exact characteristics intended by our design team.

    • Our Centurion™ Series Single Vision Aspheric and Double Aspheric lens designs use patented technology to provide flatter curves on two meridians, giving wearers a wider overall field of view with more areas of clear, sharp vision throughout the lens.
    • The Augen Centurion™ Series Progressive features a general purpose design with a moderately short corridor, delivering sharp, crisp vision regardless of prescription, quick adaptation, and an easy fit into smaller frames.
    • Our lenses are made exclusively with materials of the finest optical quality, including impact-resistant Trivex®, 1.56 high index and 1.50 Hard Resin plastic.

Augen products are carefully researched, designed and manufactured onsite so you can prescribe with confidence, knowing your patients are receiving a high-quality eyeglass lens finely engineered to precisely meet their needs.

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