Many manufacturers use the term “high definition” today to describe their lenses – but what does it really mean?

In general, “high definition” has become a generic term in the optical industry for lenses produced using some aspect of free form manufacturing technology, from lens mold development to backside lens surfacing.  A recent and still evolving innovation, free form manufacturing overcomes many of the previous limitations of lens manufacturing that often resulted in slight alterations of the intended lens design. 

The key benefit of free form manufacturing is the capacity to produce lenses with tremendous accuracy of curve power, to within +/- 0.01 Diopter (compared to accuracy within +/-0.12D using the traditional surfacing method).  This accuracy can result in sharper, clearer vision through the lens – or “high definition” vision.

At Augen, we use “High Definition” to refer to the lenses we make using our patented Digital Free Form Technology™.  Researched, designed and engineered in-house, our free form manufacturing process uses 5-axis surfacing generators and polishing machines to create precision lens molds capable of producing finely cut lenses with the precise design characteristics intended by our design team. 

Like other lens manufacturers today, we are just beginning to fully explore the many possibilities of free-form technology and will no doubt introduce additional innovations going forward as we continue to research and engineer this ingenious new process. But you can always be sure that, no matter how they’re produced, Augen lenses are consistently manufactured with utmost care and excellence of design so you can assure your customers the highest quality lens at a reasonable price.

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